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What Is Titanium Coin (CoTi)

Q 2

The project Titanium Coin was started , with an objective for this project to last



The Titanium Coin sucessfully created and paired with BNB token , which will give us the stability avoiding price changing


Titanium Coin Fiar launch on 17:00 GMT 09-Aug-2021 with total supply , 100,000,000,000,000 as we believe the fair launch is the most important to give the trust for the holders , we decided that none of the tokens will be holded by the developers , and we will participate in the fair launch as all the other holders .

why will it last ?

we have more than one reason

  1. when you make a transaction using CoTi , there will be 10% deduct of the transaction 5% of them will go back to liquidity and the other 5% will be devidied on all the holders which means that your token will always increas as long is you hold them , and due to auto liqudity cyrculing there is no possible way for any whale to control it , and this will make the curuncy stable and usable
  2. the supporting mining farm 
  3. the real estate investiments

Road map